There are times when you are kind of looking for a restaurant which serves a speciality of vegetarian meals but seldom you get the opportunity to trace them due to the non popularity of its existence in the city . However of late many veg food restaurant options have opened doors in the city and are slowly getting the grip of lovers of veg as well as non veg folks who consider veg occasionally. For no dissapointment and no regrets SURUCHI VEG RESTAURANT has all that you need to fill your belly with a variety of foods only in vegetarian strictly but a sure treat of almost all from street foods to heavy eating options available here. The main aspect of this restaurant are the Unlimited thalis they offer in three varieties which is Rajasthani , Gujarati & Punjabi .

Its a bit tricky for the newbies in the city however if you are familiar with BATA SHOWROOM located in the road heading towards Quest mall from ice skating stretch side if you are coming then get inside the lane as you see BATA SHOWROOM and you will see SURUCHI VEG RESTAURANT in the same building on the first floor where other restaurant named shudh is located probably the same owner is running it too .
As you enter here you get the feel of a traditional Indian restaurant with a bit of modern touch with its interior and designs . But once you take the stairs upwards its totally different with huge royal mirrors , clocks , art works , glass cascades , crafted chandeliers , paintings , handmade folk and traditional based designs on the roofs and sides and not forgetting the floors to be fitted with granite tiles and the seating arrangement decked up with cushioned soft sofas resting the entire stretch of one part of sitting and chairs at the facing of each long tables placed . They have a huge TV set and play a lot of traditional folk music giving a drive and feel of the food more interestingly . The servers here are dressed in their traditional kurta pyjama with a turban and they seem to be very young and knowledgeble of their job .Then they have decorated dolls and puppets placed on top of most of the side walls highlighting the culture more and adding to the eye catching part of the restaurant . Its very close to a royal feel here with all this treatment that you get indeed.
Well as the whole environment was so mesmerizing so definetly I wanted to explore the real Indian veg food more now as I was excited so had placed my order for Punjabi unlimited thali and happily the waiter had showed some finger sign to the kitchen and the plates were layed out on my table . The table has steel big plates with 5 to 6 bowls and 2 glasses along for every individual who orders a thali . So at first CHILLED WATER and BUTTER MILK commonly known as Chanch was filled up in the glass and after I had a full glass immediately it was refilled which was quite nice on taste so I did not mind sipping more. Next came the CHUTNEYS one was red colour sweet one and another was green a little spicy chutney .Moving on came the chopped salads along with the first two starters DHOKLA & PUNJABI SAMOSA .
The dhokla was pretty nice and great on taste when dippied with the chutneys . The Punjabi samosa was a bit dissapointing for me as it had noodles inside which I relate very much to Chinese samosa not Punjabi . Next the pickle , lime and papad was served on my plate along with the 4 side curries which were
Among all of these curries I liked the paneer one the most as it was the best to try with any rotis or rice meal as the taste was very nice and yummy . The aloo onion was also nice in taste not that spicy . The corn malai was on the sweeter side as a side dish. And the Chana curry was the hot one in taste .
Now there were two types of Dal’s also served along with all these which were DAL MAKHNI & another SPICY DAL .The Dal Makhni was very yummy and nicely blended with spices as well as the Spicy dal was yellow in colour and tasted superb with Rice mainly.
To have all these there were two different ROTIS and two different PARATHAS and NAAN as well as one SPECIAL BISCUIT too . still not finished they have more to offer like WHITE BASMATI RICE which goes well with dal and most of the side dishes from the mentioned ones above .
All these food dishes are on a unlimited course so the amount of refills I covered was mostly in rice and paneer mainly and yes plain soft Roti’s too .
Lastly after this spread the desserts came in action which were GAJAR KA HALWA and FRUIT CUSTARD .
The Custard was a mix of cut fruits in a chilled sweet milky flavoured and yellow coloured served in a bowl which was amazing. The Halwa was also nice and red abd orange in colour but because I was almost full so couldn’t go through it completely .
Right as you enter till you take your seat the waiter’s here are very alert from making sure you get a refill and want to encourage you on eating more which is a very good thing about this place . They are happily serving and quick with the food and very kind .
I had a problem with my card so I had to get out cash from the ATM next door so I was happily allowed to do so and clear my bill amount which was very sweet of them and also reasonably priced at the end for such a royal like feel eating . As the strength of the work force is young mostly that creates a very brisk movement and are setting a good impression in hospitality .
So finally after this visit I am clearly very sure that this place will definetly be a wish list for many when I recommend this to my known folks as well as for the food lovers in the city as with this right spirit of food & service and also the affordable rates where will you get this royal like treatment in the city ? Probably no where else but only at SURUCHI VEG RESTAURANT .